Baby Bonus

What happens when you purchase a cow that is unknowingly pregnant? You get a baby bonus!!

This is the first time we purchased cows rather than steers. The main reason is steers wander too much and apply greater stress on our ageing boundary fences. Also cows tend to chew out the paddocks a little better and clean up the unwanted weeds. So we purchased 40 cows with calves earlier this year.

A few months back we noticed three young calves in the herd thinking we had purchased some very small calves. Then we realised they were new-born, spoke to the agent and he said it is a “bonus” that sometimes happens.

As time went on we started to see more, some only days old and more cows about to drop.

We have no real idea how many were and still are pregnant. All we can say is that sometimes it just works in your favour.

Update [May-2015]: In total 33 “bonus” calves were born. One died soon after birth.

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