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Fencing off the river

Fencing Off The River

East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority and East Gippsland Water approached us regarding the need to restrict our cattle from accessing the Mitchell River since our property is upstream of the water harvesting point that supplies household water to several neighbouring towns including Bairnsdale, Lindenow and Paynesville. The idea was not to re-establish a fence on the original boundary […]

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Off stream water tank

Off Stream Watering

Our grant from East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority and East Gippsland Water included funds for “Off Stream Watering”. These funds are to be used for installation of an off stream watering system to support our cattle. After much thought and research due to the challenges that we face at the property including no power, significant elevation […]

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Bairnsdale store cattle sale

Cattle Sale

We scurried to find our 38 yearlings, which had been placed in multiple pens. Steers were in one area of the sale yards and Heifers in another. Lots of people were attending and the standard of the yards and how they operated was excellent. A different auctioneer managed a line of pens, with each pen […]

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Using the stockyards for the first time

Working Stockyards

The virginal cattle yards finally get a taste of Black Angus pressure. Group task force with hay incentives were required to herd the stock into the cattle yards. One cow had only recently delivered a new calf, so she was excused to relax in the paddock with some hay. The yearlings needed to be sorted […]

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Stockyard race


Build your own stockyards. They said “build post and rail stockyards, they will look rustic and a real feature!”. What they did not say is the major effort required to build something that is basically circular in key drafting areas and not too many straight edges or right angles. We started the stockyards Christmas 2010 near the […]

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Caterpillar 312C Excavator


Every farm needs heavy equipment. Up till now, we have been relying on our neighbour for bulldozer and excavator services. While he is very efficient and does a great job, it is not economical for smaller jobs. So we decided to purchase an excavator. The Caterpillar 312C arrived during the weekend. After an initial assessment by […]

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Young (male) calf

Baby Bonus

What happens when you purchase a cow that is unknowingly pregnant? You get a baby bonus!! This is the first time we purchased cows rather than steers. The main reason is steers wander too much and apply greater stress on our ageing boundary fences. Also cows tend to chew out the paddocks a little better and clean up […]

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The property is well suited for cattle grazing.  A number of farm projects are underway to improve stock management, beef quality and yield. Dams Roads Fencing Stockyards Water Troughs Pastures

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