Working Stockyards

The virginal cattle yards finally get a taste of Black Angus pressure. Group task force with hay incentives were required to herd the stock into the cattle yards. One cow had only recently delivered a new calf, so she was excused to relax in the paddock with some hay.

The yearlings needed to be sorted from the cows and their new calves. First the cows are sorted away from the remaining yearling and calves. Then the yearlings sorted and kept separate, waiting for the double trailer truck to arrive. Calves reunited with Cows.

Watching the skill of the truck driver and our stock agents was impressive. The 38 yearlings were herded up the ramp and into the truck to be taken off to the Bairnsdale market. All went very smoothly.

Next job is drenching the cows. Cows and calves separated and cows corralled through the sorting pen and into the race where the drench is poured over their backs. Released then back into main paddock and reunited with their calves and hay.

After all the excitement, we stood back and smiled. The cattle yards worked really well and quite seamlessly. Well done and thank you to all who helped over the years with this major feat. Not quite finished … but working.

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